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Our Objective

water charity

Water Charity

Parmarth, an NGO, offers vital water charity, ensuring clean, accessible water sources for underserved communities, improving health and livelihoods.
Food Charity

Food Charity

NGO Parmarth delivers food charity, addressing hunger and malnutrition in vulnerable populations, promoting well-being and food security.
Education Charity

Free Education

Parmarth NGO offers free education, empowering underserved communities with knowledge, breaking the cycle of poverty and creating opportunities.
Save Environment

Save Environment

Parmarth NGO champions environmental conservation, protecting ecosystems, and raising awareness for a sustainable, greener future.
Free Health Services

Health Services

Parmarth NGO provides healthcare, improving the well-being of underserved communities through medical services and health education.
Disaster Reliefs

Disaster Reliefs

Parmarth NGO offers disaster relief, aiding communities in times of crisis, providing essential support, and helping them rebuild their lives.
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